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What Type Of Learner I Am

             A few days ago I took a Vark test to see what type of learner I am (Limited, 2016). Needless to say I was not surprised at all (See C1) except for “Read/Write”, which I thought would be much higher than it is. Most of what I was told by this test, I already figured out myself. I already liked to work with things physically before being comfortable with them (Kinesthetic – 40%) and that I needed to fail a few times before I got good at anything (Visual – 36.7%). Maybe a year ago, I got quite into working with metal and wood, so I collected some basic tools. I can’t do any big projects

             Now though, I certainly know that reading what I’ve written down won’t help me remember the information alone. That was probably why I had some trouble and lower grades, sometimes, during my primary and high school education years where I couldn’t do things physically as much. The tests were the worst of it though, lot’s of reading, writing and remembering (“Boys are lagging in schools: Has Feminization gone too far?”, 2016). I do not entirely to blame it on school though.

            I was quite lazy during my high school years until I met my literature teacher. That teacher who helped me most in high school showed me how something was done first, explaining the process it in a way that I understood and only then told me to try doing the same thing. My Aspergers definitely didn’t help and it was only after going to Brain Training that I actually started to develop my long-term memory at all (See C2).


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