Donald Trump is a symptom of a larger disease plaguing todays politics

          One topic that was sparely brought up in class here and there by multiple people was Donald Trump. And to me it seemed like most of those people were repeating the same talking points that resulted in the Democratic Party’s low approval rating and cost Hillary the election. The main ones being that he’s racist and doesn’t like Islam (Muslims themselves included). As far as who was the shinier turd within that final stretch it was Donald Trump. American mainstream media, social media included, regularly and actively censored positive Trump coverage and ignored all negative Hillary coverage. Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks in 2006, during the presidential race said “…there was a deliberate attempt to ignore negative stories about Hillary Clinton…” (Engineer, 2017).

          The level of trust Americans have towards the mainstream media has dropped 23% for independents and 27% for Republicans from 1997 to 2015. Across age brackets, people 50+ trust the mainstream media 12%  more than those aged 18-49 year old going into 2015; a major shift from 2001 where 18-49 year old trusted the media 5% more than those 50+. 2011 is when this age demographic shift market Started to happen (Gallup, 2016).

          During the presidential debate Hillary Clinton was swamped with controversies, which really did not help her case. She never should have been a candidate in the first place considering her allegedly shady past of letting rapist go free, even though she herself was convinced he was guilty (Nathan’s, 2017). The better candidate would have been Bernie Sanders if the Democrats wanted to bag a clear victory. On the other hand Donald Trump is solidly fulfilling some of his easier promises despite media and social media backlash against him (Information, 2017). The funny thing is that this pattern of the Democrats losing an election to Republicans always happens when there is great turmoil in the world and/or the working class is sufficiently ignored by the ruling party, consistently after 36 years of uncontested rule (“Making Light: Electoral history, pattern-making, and meaning”, 2008).


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14 thoughts on “Donald Trump is a symptom of a larger disease plaguing todays politics”

    1. I never argued that either was good just that one was better. I’d rather have someone who said that they don’t want a nuclear war, though that claim is somewhat shaky now, than someone who knows that their actions have good chance to cause a nuclear war. Bernie Sander’s isn’t much better either as his programs would bankrupt America and only add more debt that can’t be paid off.

      No politician is ever a honest person otherwise they wouldn’t be a politician.


    1. There is always some kind of reason though so he is probably doing it intentionally. But as I said in the post this cycle happens after a set number of years every time, so next time a democratic candidate might be in the same position as Donald Trump is in now.


  1. Like the way you have presented your stance. I just believe that none of the two candidates were great its just that one seemed better than the other, but I guess that doesn’t matter now.
    Anyhow let’s hope for the best in the coming years.


    1. American politics were never like European politics where you might actually find compassionate people. Politics in America developed very differently from the rest of the world.


  2. I’m not into politics but I have been in Twitter long enough to understand the situation, a lot of people of color (POC) are really against him and they had all the evidence piled up against David Trump. I really wished it was Bernie Sanders. ):


    1. I never really understood why people can say person of color and no one bats and eye but say colored person and suddenly your’re a racist. The words mean the same thing, the only thing that’s different is the word placement.

      Bernie most likely would have been the best candidate but even he wouldn’t help America as much as some people, not accusing you, seem to think.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. the word POC and colored person?? It shouldn’t be that deep!

        I see, well, most of the youth’s hopes were on Bernie Sanders. But now the tables has turned since some Trump voters regretted voting for Trump.


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