My strengths and weaknesses

             My main strengths are that I am a kinaesthetic and visual learner. The best way for me to learn is by being very hands on with anything which makes me very good at emulating what needs to be done most of the time. I will need to see how something is done beforehand though. As the saying says “practice makes perfect”; so I need to actually be behind the scenes setting the stage before i get good at doing anything by myself. If I must do research as well I will try my best to find credible sources but since it’s not always possible at times I need to create my own explanations from multiple sources. My dedication to my work can sometimes get the better of me though and I will do what could be considered over-time. Even When I know Its not good for me, It very easily keeps me busy so I usually can avoid thinking about how much I’m doing.

             The one thing that I can definitely improve on is using pro tools as I’m still baffled as to how some professionals in the industry know exactly what to do. What I could definitely do more with is time as I have Three big projects alongside one that is overdue since i totally forgot it existed. This was before I got a moodle account and projects started pilling which triggered another weakness of mine. I tend to forget things and confuse things when I get too stressed and don’t do them for a few days.


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