My Future Plans

             For the future I hope to complete the CIU unit with high marks. While I’m somewhat pessimistic when it comes to my marks I am optimistic that people will find what I write somewhat fun to read. This is big improvement to how I used to perceive my work altogether. Recently I decided to schedule my workload to make it easier to work with 1) my essay can be done i a few days if I write a some 100 – 200 words each day and 2) searching for sources before I got to sleep for a few minutes. That would greatly improve how stressed I feel daily. With that being said it won’t be easy and my natural defense against over-work will most likely kick in. That defense is a headache so long as I am stressed which makes working on projects quite hard because I’m in a hurry to complete them then.
             To avoid that I plan to get more sleep by exercising in the evening two or three days a week. When it comes to sources however I will have a hard time as the topics I chose to talk about is not easy to describe in the google search bar. Because of that I will have to get multiple sources and form my own conclusions which will take far more effort than simply finding already existing conclusions. It won’t be easy but Ill power through it somehow and come out a better person at the end.


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