My Workspace

            When it comes to workspace it can be quite cluttered (See A1). Inevitably after a while there is no spot on my desk that isn’t occupied. Most notably with messy cables behind my computer and some things I occasionally use to fix things around my room that breaks (See A2). I can however still work even with the mess around me and it’s even easier to find stuff sometimes.

            How I think when working in that workspace though can be improved somewhat. At times I can be very unfocused which doesn’t get things done as efficiently as possible, though I feel that I end up having more to write about while working on a messy desk (TheHuffingtonPost, 2013). To that end I use the TV monitor as a second screen to allow myself more workspace when working on my computer (as I’m doing right now while I type) (See B2). I have found out that I work more efficiently when I clean my desk but I don’t know if that’s from working in a cleaner workspace (See B1). I’d say that’s most likely because the environment feels new at first. The only thing that always remains is the messy cables but I can’t really do much about that.

            In my personal opinion though, I like to have a messier workspace. The quality of my work ends up better overall if I work a bit slower. It feels like my personal space.  Much like wood that isn’t perfect, it ends up having more character. Some of the most famous people in general had messy desks (Tate, 2015). The one thing that I really want to do when I get the chance is make wooden shelves and place them in my room so my floor is easier to walk on and get rid of my dresser which I don’t really like.


Tate, A. (2015, May 29). 5 reasons creative geniuses like Einstein, Twain and Zuckerberg had messy desks – and why you should too – design school. Retrieved October 14, 2016, from Creativity & Psychology,
TheHuffingtonPost (2013, August 9). Why A cluttered desk is good for your creativity. Huffington Post. Retrieved from

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