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            My name is Anel Begić. I moved to Dubai 11 years ago in 2005 from my home-country, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I had a lot of trouble in school when I first came to the UAE as my English was quite basic and for the first time I left behind the people I knew. My initial problems were most likely the result of moving to a completely different country at such a young age (Hausman and Reed, 1991). Dubai and Lukavac, the town where I was born, are completely different. Lukavac is a small industrial town (“Zvanična web stranica,” 2012) whereas Dubai is a high-tech metropolis.

            My primary and high school years, in Emirates International School Meadows (EISM) are a blur to me because I really didn’t fit in there for the most part. I made a lot of mistakes there that I regret now, but they made me into the person I am today. I finished grade 11 in EISM and then I took different classes for a year to make me better at dealing with life. Best of all, volunteering at K9 Friends before coming to SAE.

            For now I have no solid future plans, but when someone asks me I always say “post-production” as an easy answer. As a result of attending SAE, I plan to form a solid conviction for my yet unknown path in life. The initial reason I decided to go SAE is because I like music and desire to restore my old cassettes to save that precious history on them. And recently I found many amazing songs that excellent artists made which inspired me to work really hard. Doing my best to make a name for myself one day so people listen to what I have to say when it comes to music.


Hausman, M. S., & Reed, J. R. (1991). Psychological issues in relocation: Response to change. Journal of Career Development, 17(4), 247–258. doi:10.1007/bf01359142

Zvanična web stranica. (2012). Retrieved October 1, 2016, from



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